Cozy Farmhouse

Traditional farmhouse decor meets contemporary style in this bright, warm and welcoming home.

in the details

Our goal with Cozy Farmhouse was to make a quaint space feel intimate and warm, with accent pieces that serve as conversation starters and layouts that encourage gathering. Our design maximized the space and made it truly feel like a liveable, beautiful family home.

flair and function

We aimed to create a space where housewarming gatherings could be held between moments of living in a warm home. Practical accents like storage bins, side tables, and floating shelves make hosting get-togethers and living day-to-day both feel possible.

nº. 1 residence

Each space in this residence carries a balance between Style & Sentiment. The Design Characteristics bring a visual cohesion, every piece was thoughtfully curated to fit the lifestyle of those who live in it.

timeless, handcrafted design

Natural Materials have always been our love Language. And this Kitchen Design is full of it, the Carrara marble countertops and backsplash add a distinct Natural appeal to the space. Light wood tones with their unique characteristic paired with brass finishes accentuate that high-end visual of the space.

convene in the kitchen

A room full of refined elements worth of every occasion.

light & airy

Grounding details and personalized moments make this a place for unwinding and gathering thoughts.

A Spa reminisce bathing room with high -end minimalist Design. The space itself evokes a Sense of Renewal for the everyday busy lives of our clients.